Bush Regeneration

Restoring the landscape using a range of techniques from hand removal to machine and mechanical assisted and biological and chemical controls.

Restoration of diverse ecosystems including coastal vegetation communities , creek bank vegetation, wetland and grasslands, schlerophyll forest and rainforest

All bush regenerators have certificates in conservation land management, and chemical certification qualifications, and machinery certifications, white cards and insurances

Eco restoration works with appropriate licences in habitat of threatened species and ecological endangered communities

Revegetation and seed collection

We can revegetate any scale of landscapes on areas of low resilience and natural regeneration

Eco restoration can ensure success of establish plants through design, species selection, planting technique and site maintenance

We also undertake seed collection and supply local nurseries

Ecological restoration Plans

Plans are developed to guide project implementation.

Plan developments include

Site assissment and surveys


Restoration strategies and techniques

Financial Estimations

I have been working with Eco Restorations for the last four years restoring rainforest on my farm. They required very little direction, were courteous, punctual and honest. You can safely tell them what outcome you want to achieve and what budget you have to achieve this and George and his team will work to achieve this for you


John Gillett


Wondaree Macadamias  |  South Endeavour Trust


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